HIS Priceless Embrace!

Matthew 13:46 “When HE found one priceless pearl, HE went and sold everything HE had, and bought it!”

HIS Priceless Embrace!

What money cannot purchase
is deemed “Priceless!”
by its MAKER.
HIS Crimson sacrifice
sufficed to cleanse us
whole — forever.

CREATOR GOD incarnate
even CHRIST our risen
SAVIOUR! Giving to HIS
chosen children what
could not be bought with paper.

Nor with gold or silvers’ hoard,
but with bended hearts —
so the LORD’s redemptive
power is alone what
what’s worth accepting!

Thus rejecting man’s
assertions and off-casting
“Self-Sufficient”…so one
gains the greatest
Wisdom then to rest
as HIS! Forgiven!

So take up your mantle’s
mission and lay down your
burdens — all. Leave your
treasures which are earthly
and! Embrace the Living GOD!

As HIServant counting HIM priceless WHO bought me for HIMSELF,


Devotional: Philippians 3:7-9

“Philippians 3:8 “But more than that, I count everything as loss compared to
the PRICELESS privilege and supreme advantage of knowing CHRIST JESUS
my LORD…

[and of growing more deeply and thoroughly acquainted with HIM — a joy unequaled].

For HIS sake I have lost everything, and I consider it all garbage, so that I may gain CHRIST….”

When CHRIST bought us, giving as
titles of “priceless” and “HIS Bride”,
there was and yet is and always shall
be an immeasurable treasure of
being comforted in HIS arms!

Nothing compares with JESUS! No one equates, comes close nor in ANY way is like HIM! HE is sovereign and unique.

HE holds us now and will hold us forever! What a sacred privilege! What a priceless embrace! With JESUS!

Amen and amen!

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