Morning Dew, Heaven’s Oil!

Genesis 27:28 “Now may GOD give you of the dew of heaven, and of the fatness of the earth, and an abundance of grain and new wine…”

Oh the scales are weighty,
uplifting one side…and found
then decreasing the other…

…just like “Light lowered” lets the
incursion of Shadows surround
any source of CHRIST’s glow.

Although nothing covers the flame
of our lamps, yet HIS oil within
we’ve not treasured.

As such, it “fades” downward when
few are our efforts…to refill
our vessels with Scripture.

So here is HIS torch in this life
meant to brighten by reminding
HIS WORD IS your source!

No other page written or seen l
grants full vision! So with HIS dew
alone, fill yourselves!

Discard even this if your shadows
persist…filled with HIS morning Dew,
shining brightest!

As HIServant writing these reminders and encouragements for all to wholly and daily read HIS WORD,


Devotional: Numbers 11:9 “When the dew fell on the camp at night, the manna would fall with it!”

By daily reading HIS WORD we are fed the best!

Only HIS precious and priceless scriptures are worthy of highest value and Constant’s reading.

Nothing outside if HIM, no matter how lengthy or brief, holds a candle to the pure oil of HIS WORD!

Having the Bible outside of your lamp, sitting on your house or in a drawer somewhere used “occasionally “….this creates a diminishing level in your reservoir.

Instead of rocket science, it’s a simple supply and demand issue. Putting lower octane fuels in a race car creates problems.

So to is only eating snack sized portions of HIS WORD which have already been diminished like a Readers Digest version.

Therefore! Consume HIS WORD daily and not a “companion guide” as though it’s some replacement.

HIS morning dew falls down like fresh rain upon us then when we treasure the highest octane of HIS oil for our lives!

Revelation 22:5 “And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the LORD GOD will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever!”

Oh, when YOUR Dew and YOUR Oil are eternally ours in YOUR presence, oh LORD!

Amen and amen!

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