With Carrying Faith!

Heavenly FATHER,

YOUR breath fills our lungs, YOUR will guides our steps.

We are vessels of clay meant for transporting Purpose.

With Provision and Blessing, Correction and Care…so we travel each day with Assignments.

Yet misread and unheard are so many such orders. Even some are impatiently thrown to the side.

So they are by us all when we fail to remember Obedience solely is by THEE — defined.

Consequently, we fall into gaps of great distance when lesser time spent in YOUR presence is chosen.

Though our clock may count hours as “being devoted”, only YOU measure by one’s knelt heart.

For then, being broken and contrite with reverence, will we hear YOUR voice through the verses we read.

Only then shall our steps take all YOU’VE poured into us…to those intersections where two souls connect.

With Provision, Blessing, Correction or Care, there will one vessel empty and one vessel fill.

When HIS purposes for us are followed intently, then HIS drawn design is fulfilled for both souls.

So! What favor from GOD awaits all who acknowledge and wholly apply…both HIS wisdom and will!

As HIServant in

Devotional: Older” wineskins stretch confidently!

For the deeper we press into HIS anointing, the more usable we are to carry HIS contents…TO others!

So regardless of age, strive to be an “old” wineskin!

Be zealous, oh Self, to listen intently to HIS assignments through the study of HIS WORD.

Yea, serve relentlessly by both following through and pouring out completely…in faith!

Amen and amen!

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