In Search of ian…


Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in THE WAY he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

In search of ian…

Disappearing just a year ago while on vacation elsewhere with his family who went with him as before;

Yet no notice nor pre-warning had preceded this transforming. Consequently, without answers, some who knew him sought the LORD.

Thus fervently beseeching GOD, both brothers and his sisters joined, a wave of zealous prayers then reached their MAKER.

Pressing in relentlessly, said swell soon surged to Tidal height; continuing for months until the spring returned with Favor!

At their church one night regathered were they then surprised by Ian… reappearing from the haze which once enchained him!

Quickly falling to the floor, this child returned to seek the LORD WHOM he left — becoming Ian — but was now restored as CHRISTian!

As HIServant grateful that HE never let me go,


Devotional: The prodigal son (and daughter) story impacts countless families daily.

The gravest concern is that they go “missing” while they remain in our houses and our daily routines.

It is most grievous to pray and do our own best…only to fail. I sadly make more than enough mistakes and yet!! HE never leaves nor forsakes me or you!

You know this but the world, driven by satan, devours children every hour.

Demonic ideas such as “choose your own gender”, “accept everyone’s beliefs because we all serve the same god anyway”, “if it feel good, do it”, “your best life now (because you deserve everything) and the evil that is transhumanism…to name a few.

And public as well as private schools are falling more in line with this morbid thinking.

You know this. Violent video games warping young minds to accept violence as the answer and twisting their thoughts with killing, maiming etc other characters.

All under the disguise of “Lighten up, Mom and Dad. It’s JUST a game!” But… you become what you feast on. If it’s not the meat of the WORD, then what?

Consider music. satan was in charge of music in Heaven so…he uses lyrics to corrupt our children before our eyes. At the dinner table, in the car, not listening to parents talking to them, intentionally tuning out because…

…that’s what the media EVEN in some churches is promoting. Entertainment. Activities and fun this or that INSTEAD of studying HIS WORD. “C’mon kids! Instead of studying at church which is like school, let’s just do fun stuff!”

INSTEAD of praying together, being together, so kids more and more choose isolation…and become easy targets.

Consequently, kids are confused by these demonic attacks turn their time and attention away from seeking HIM.

*** As such, countless Christian children become just “-ian’s” without CHRIST. ***

HE’s The GOD of the Universe! We owe our lives to HIM in service with great zeal and interest! Our children are at the forefront of this battleground.

But what secular teaching has been trending rapidly toward is accepting any religion within its walls EXCEPT Christianity. It’s agenda to embrace the homosexual lifestyle and other deviant choices as “freedoms” for our youth is disturbing.

But let’s back up for a second. It’s hard to just blame the child with all the negative inputs. It’s a family battle that EVERYONE must pick up their sword and fight!

Brothers and Sisters, never compromise HIS WORD. Don’t get sucked into trying to be politically correct or trying to avoid offending anyone by not wearing a tee shirt with the NAME of JESUS on it. You know this…this is the battle today.

So let’s not wait for our sons and daughters to become “-ian’s”. Actually, let’s proactively and protectively stand up for our children BY wearing that Cross tee shirt.

Let’s pray openly at tables in restaurants beyond the proverbial “Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, GOD.”

C’mon! If your zeal for CHRIST isn’t blatantly apparent then something else will take its place and the spiritual attention of our children. We adults make mistakes and I speak most of all to myself.

BUT…serve HIM and your children relentlessly by increasing the visibility of your passion for CHRIST!

Show all that HE MEANS EVERYTHING to you so that our children know which voice to obey and whose steps they should follow.

CHRIST’s and CHRIST alone!

Amen and amen!

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