CHRIST’s Commonwealth Gold!

Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over will they put into your lap. For with that measure you measure, it will be measured again to you.”

CHRST’s Commonwealth Gold!

We tend to view others through lenses of Gifting with measurements taken compared to our own. We seem to lean always to those of like feather and faith. Thus Perspective, is based “close to home”.

But what favor is felt if all gifts were the same? How can only one subset of blessings suffice? Is it not that much grander to reach out to all so that what someone needs, HIS hands always provide?

But the vacuum, of sorts, is not where Life is nourished. We give and are filled once again —- interacting — when selflessly shared are Samaritan deeds done through words and relentlessly with HIS compassions!

So take up your giftings, Beloved, within hand and stretch out to each differently talented soul… for blessed are we then by exchanging our “commons” with others to gain nothing less than HIS “gold”!

As HIServant grateful for your precious giftings,


Devotional: 1 Peter 4:10 “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of GOD’s varied grace…”

It’s a known truth that JUST writing poetry and devotionals for our precious SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST isn’t enough. Such scribings can’t fix a flat tire, paint a house or a portrait, can’t physically feed ten thousand, can’t be used to buy clothes at the store and endlessly more insufficiencies.

But there are many whose giftings are to repair cars, grow and make food to distribute to the less fortunate, sew clothing together and endlessly more blessings that people need. So a vital crossroads point are those areas where we essentially “barter and trade” and each gains value needed.

But the underlying thought remains with myself, at least, that if I don’t have need of car repairs…I won’t necessarily interact with that individual. Hence the age old complaint, “You know, we only talk when you need something.”

Now in fairness, our days are busy with all sorts of needs and distractions alike. So we gravitate towards just what we “need”. That said, I can sit beside a brother or sister in church and never know what their immediate needs are. Our flesh often cares but allows delays based on our assumptions.

For instance, “I heard they’re doing fine” or “They look happy to me, I’ll talk to them next week.” We each have our own responses. So what’s the point? Beloved! HE has given our vessels unique blessings of both Time and Compassion! Our GIFTINGS as such are much more than a skilled trade, playing an instrument, or performing some service function!

As such, oh Self! Bless all by asking BEYOND “How are you doing?” Being “skilled” in sales I understand that we unconsciously add words which cause the other person to gravitate towards how we are “suggesting” they respond.

For instance, instead of an open ended question which requires a full response, we might say without thinking, “ You’re doing good, right?” Or “How are you these days, better?” Broken people using all their strength to smile on the outside will nod their heads, smile sweetly and hide all the wreckage and struggle within.

So! Let us look past our own assessment of personal value. Let us bank on the common wealth GOD has given each of us to share in! Ask without conditional words! Serve without questioning whether you are the “right person” to go help.

Give!!! And it shall be poured out to you, pressed down and shaken together creating the “gold” we both need. Hands-on Fellowship and selfless Communion…giving without hesitation!

Matthew 20:28 “Even as the SON of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give HIS life as a ransom for many.”

HALLELUJAH! Amen and amen!

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