Falling Scales!

Acts 9:18 “Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.”

Falling Scales!

“Erring on the side of perfection”, what means this? Is it selfless an action which moves towards CHRIST?
Or could it be leading a soul to reflections which mirror the distance between right…and wrong?

What if all of the thoughts which surround our own efforts; those sub-consciously done and all others as well…
proved “unrighteously forged” as sin’s worthless attempts? Yes, what then, my friend? Can you sovereignly…tell me?

What seems to be hopeless, our human condition, leads right to the SAVIOUR… because we are flesh!
As such no redemptive works are our creation. Instead, and found solely, we are blessed…by HIS!

So “err” then relentlessly birthed through surrender! Cast forth your stained soul towards JESUS, our LORD…
for the Hour is short! Thus Love’s presence is moving since CHRIST’s perfect work has o’er us…been outpoured!

Yea, CHRIST’s finished work paid what none could afford!

Hallelujah! What a SAVIOUR is HE,
our KING!

As HIServant resting from efforts to add to HIS Righteousness,


Devotional : What Joy! GOD’s perfection has cleansed us! Though our works are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) HIS blood bought us wholly and cleansed us eternally!

This also must be reflected in the way we see others. Yea, calling out sin but showing CHRIST’s love far more so!

Consider when Paul was healed from his blindness we read in (Acts 9:18) that it was like SCALES fell from his eyes.

Oh what two fold meaning!

The Law and Judgement he’d
brought ruthlessly against Christians…was stripped
from his vision!

How much more so we must see through CHRIST’s eyes! Constantly reminding ourselves to press towards the mark and the high calling of our LORD by selflessly serving others…while resting, clothed in HIS spotless robes!

Amen and amen!

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