The Sharpest Image!

2 Corinthians 3:18 “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the LORD’s glory, are being transformed into HIS image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the LORD, WHO is the SPIRIT.”

The Sharpest Image!

Confess the NAME of the LORD;
and profess HIS great
sovereignty always.
Lift high every praise with HIS accolades boldly to ring within
Heavenly hallways!

Though the ear of this flesh has grown waxed and the eyes of our souls — perhaps dimmed.
Still we long to see YOU and
not “me” in these mirrors…yea, wholly we beg — YOUR reflection!

So repurge every image of self
with the sight of THY face,
ever brightening!
Rekindle the light in our hearts to behold only THEE…changing “me” with YOUR likening!

AS HIServant quoting John 3:30: “Less of me, more of THEE”,
oh LORD!


Devotional: By the sharp, two-edged sword of HIS WORD, we are daily transforming more into HIS image. How appropriate then John 3:30 which states, “HE must increase and I must decrease!”

JESUS CHRIST! Our life’s SOURCE WHO created our very soul and granted every change to our frames and faces over the years.

So we see youth fading and age increasing to the ultimate point where our bodies are left behind and we see HIM in Heaven…finally absent of the Flesh.

But till then, our reminder is to reflect HIM more and more every hour. Both reader and writer must persevere and press closer to HIM till that blessed moment when we join with HIM!

The ONLY comparison to be made is not with the person “sitting beside” us or someone we view
on earth.

Rather it is a daily laying down of our pride and our lives with greatest intent to eliminate Self’s attributes thus accepting, endorsing and displaying the fruits of THE SPIRIT…in HIS image!

Amen and amen!

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