In the Instant BEFORE…

Psalm 123:1 “A Song of Ascents. To YOU I lift up my eyes, O YOU WHO are enthroned in the heavens!”

In the Instant BEFORE…


Around the midnight hour, so a man with weathered clothes and calloused hands stood silently…as statuesque as the rustic, cottage church in the background. 

As well, in the full glow of the moon, so the steeple’s shadow had subtly and slowly crept up behind him. 

Only then noticing the disappearance of his own image, which had been on the ground just a moment earlier, so he unfolded his praying hands and gradually lifted his gaze heavenward.

WithIn this soundless expanse, the surrounding chill intermittently created crystal like clouds as his breath visibly reacted with its presence.

And…as his hands followed suit, stretching to their fullest extent upwards, so the lingering white vapor from each wearied exhale began to encompass his frame.

Undeterred by the aching cry of his muscles, still he pressed further— praying fervently and silently — as each newly birthed cloud joined with others.

Then sensing Gravity’s influence would soon recapture both his elevated heart and outstretched arms, so this soul slowly closed his eyes and basked in the moment …before the inevitable. 

As a trio of seconds drifted past, then the face of this singular frame who eagerly petitioned GOD…began to smile. 

In that very instant BEFORE the twinkling of an eye, his sight again met with this moment! There, with Joy and tears overflowing, he took note of the Robe he was now wearing!

As HIServant awaiting that very instant alongside of you, 


Devotional: Acts 7:55 “But being full of the HOLY SPIRIT, he gazed intently into heaven and saw the glory of GOD, and JESUS standing at the right hand of GOD…” 

Join with the Body in looking up with eager Expectation!

Amen and amen!

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