Drawn to the Surface!

John 6:37 “All that the FATHER gives ME will come to ME, and whoever comes to ME, I will never cast out!” Hallelujah!

Drawn to the Surface!

Serve Relentlessly!

When confessions are heard, so ripples are felt in the souls of those broken whose hearts GOD has stirred. 

From Complacency’s paths to a whisper surrendered; so are they compelled by HIS SPIRIT’s conviction.

Thus woken from slumber, such numbers sense cleansing. CHRIST’s clear, living water thus embraces those bent. 

Kneeling down till surrounded, each one is by Grace which flows freely from JESUS WHOSE drawing — uplifts!

Thus from humbled confessions GOD raises HIS children! Yes, out from their seas of Discord and Confusion.

Upon such ascensions, so ripples repeating are beneath seen by those — struggling still — underwater. 

For those yet unyielding, who haven’t cried — “Forfeit!”; let your Faith arise with the Lifeline they crave.

For CHRIST alone — saving — can cleanse and renew them. So! Let us go fishing for those GOD is drawing!

As HIServant and fellow “fisher of men” as CHRIST called us to be,


Devotional: Mark 1:17 “Then JESUS said to them, “Follow ME, and I will make you become fishers of men.”

A soul is drawn (John 6:44) by GOD through the SON, to WHOM many come, kicking a d screaming.

Just as someone fishing in the sea, when a fish is caught that has a very strong desire to break free, so there’s a battle of wills.

In the spiritual, being caught by CHRIST brings the greatest freedom any soul could ever hope for! 

Matthew 4:19 “And HE said unto them, Follow ME, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Show others HIS heart and HIS hand as the “hook” which draws them to the surface!

So may the sign on your door read, “Gone Fishing!” Humbly using your Bible, you’ll find it’s the only fishing pole needed. 

Amen and amen!

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