HIS Blessed “Receiving!”

Matthew 17:7 “But JESUS came and touched them. “Get up,” he said. “Don’t be afraid.”

HIS Blessed “Receiving!”

Who pays the price when Sins’ charge has been earned; When Sympathy’s empathy cannot be served?

Who then confesses their heart and both hands are the trio found guilty and due Reprimand?

Where compatriot Eyes and the Mind bow — ashamed; by GOD’s SPIRIT convicted and bound with feet — stained?

Who’s aware of the cost and has scars from past payments; Whose face now prostrate and whose knees meet with pavement?

Tis one who is broken; refilled with Contrition! Whose burdens, now lighter, were gained by admitting…

That once again CHRIST’s endless sacrifice — freeing has saved them from shame and such weights which they’re feeling!

So friend, lift your head! Then each chain and your bleeding…and give them to HIM for HIS blessed “receiving!”

As HIServant joyously reminded that once laid down these burdens, my spirit will fly! —


Devotional: MATTHEW 17:6 “When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground, terrified.”

In this account in Matthew 17, JESUS is transfigured before the disciples. We see they overwhelmed and even terrified.

Sin’s weight and recognition often overwhelms and can terrifies us at times as well, can’t it? 

But whenever we give up our burdens which Sin piles on, whether thoughts or reactions at present or past…

when we lay them at HIS feet then GOD’s great grace washes over our conscience and dissolves those chains from our senses! 

Therefore such floods are most blessed and begin whenever we wholly surrender through prayer every morning!

So just as CHRIST said them so I remind us BOTH! “Get up! Do not be afraid!” HE has cleansed you for Eternity! 

As such, we can serve HIM relentlessly by not letting ourselves be bound by past sin 

…and by being diligent so that it doesn’t detract or distract us from serving only HIM!

Thank YOU for YOUR blessed floods, LORD JESUS!

Amen and amen!

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