HAND-picked, HEART-designed!

Job 33:4 “The SPIRIT of GOD has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life!”

HAND-picked, HEART-designed!


I know THEE, LORD 

because election

wrought by THY hand

— selected me. 

With Mercies streaming

and Grace — unmeasured,

so have I been

by Love — retrieved!

Through Crimson’s Veil

at Calvary’s Cross,

HIS blood prevailed…

Salvation’s KING!

What Grace Divine

encompassed Self!

HE cleansed these stains

with Debt’s relief!

THIS has my soul 

been daily shown!

THIS life thus giv’n

by CHRIST — alone!

As HIServant drawn to CHRIST and given to HIM by the FATHER,


Devotional: Nehemiah 9:6 “YOU alone are the LORD!

YOU have made the heavens,

the heaven of heavens with all their host,

The earth and all that is on it,

The seas and all that is in them.

YOU give life to all of them

and the heavenly host bows down before YOU.”

Both Job and Nehemiah just as we who read this know…GOD made us and all Creation. 

When Job heard GOD from within the Whirlwind, he knew as I’ve learned…I’m nothing without my CREATOR and that HIS ways exceed mine.

HIS thoughts are beyond my comprehension!  Therefore since HIS will and each way is perfect, working all things together for good; so I give HIM my all. 

Without question when I’m strong but always in faith, for HIS hands formed us while and before we were ever in our mothers’ wombs.

Amen and amen!

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