Adding Volume!

Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the SPIRIT on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the LORD’s people.”

Adding Volume!

The prayers of saints are to GOD — sweet aromas. How savory they are to one’s ears — healing wounds…

…when the voice of the other, with Zeal’s  intercession, is audibly heard! Then what transfer of Good! 

But if sound isn’t present then when visible letters combine into sentences… these are most welcome!

When read then each message is felt deep within and another can listen… creating such unions!

Joining frequencies — blessing — so two create dozens whose echos draw others till one voice emerges! 

Therefore fervently speak intercessory prayers and write out each word if no sound can be witnessed. 

For we are HIS threads bound as one in The SPIRIT; adding volume in Faith so that others can “hear it!”

As HIServant interceding out loud and on paper; giving our LORD GOD

every praise,


Devotional: Psalms 17:6 “6 I call on YOU, my GOD, for YOU will answer me; turn YOUR ear to me and hear my prayer.”

This devotional is written today to explain why prayer “responses”, in my zealous opinion, should always be fully written out, at the least — one sentence! 

Cutting and pasting the same word — “praying” — holds no greater zeal nor heartfelt intercession than the same letter sequence posted both above and below it — sometimes dozens of times.

“Praying”, “Praying”, “Praying”, “Praying”, “Praying”, “Praying”, etc….

Which one had the most meaning? Which “Praying” had the most faith behind it? Who knows?

*** I surely understand the heart of most just trying to get to as many souls as possible. *** (See the little boy and the baby sea turtle example below)

So here’s my simple plea! 

Daily pick one or two prayer requests and respond to them fully. 

Yes there are countless needs but make a real difference for a few souls!

Joint frequencies of Faith come through the shared threads of truly praying CHRISTians!

Let us SHOW we care thru visible prayers instead of social media’s “shorthand” = “Praying”.

Many years ago as I had long, 6-7 hour trips each week, GOD impressed upon the need for prayer. 

So, gifted with many phone numbers and connections on Messenger as well, I started leaving “Voicemail prayers!”

My real prayer was to get someone’s voicemail so that they could be pleasantly surprised by someone praying faithfully for them.

And!!! They could replay them several times and shall the audio with others too. So let me ask this!

Would you call someone in need, get voicemail, and just say, “Praying!” and then hang up?

Hardly! We’d share much more! We’d want them to undoubtedly know that we’re thinking of and interceding for our friend or family member.

It’s like the little boy on the beach saving baby sea turtles from the seagulls. 

His grandfather tells him, “Why bother? You can’t save them all? What’s the difference?”

The small child replied as he rescued yet another and got it safely to sea. 

“It made a difference…to THAT one!” Amen??

So give the REAL GIFT of prayer by really praying — every time. 

We can’t write our prayers for every need we see on social media or in emails but!!

We can pick a few souls and be that tangible connection for them back to our SAVIOUR. 

Then those desperately seeking help will truly FEEL our hearts…and HIS!

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Look to the LORD and HIS strength; seek HIS face always!”

Amen and amen!

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